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Lavazza Firma Concept

Lavazza Firma Concept

Cup of coffee like from a real coffee shop in your office.
Capsule vending machines Lavazza Firma are a 100% product of Italian designers, where technological innovations are transformed into a range of elegant and premium coffee machines. The perfect solution for a unique experience while relaxing at any workplace.

  • compatible only with Lavaza Lavazza Firma
  • fully automatic coffee machines
  • different models according to the daily consumption of beverages
  • one-touch beverage preparation
  • variousf beverage options - 2 to 4 (depending on the coffee machine model)
  • volume of the water tank - 0.7 l to 1.8 l (depending on the coffee machine model)
  • container for used capsules - 6 to 19 (depending on the coffee machine model)
  • depending on the type of coffee machine, the functions and technical parameters differ, for more information on the current availability of coffee machines, please contact us.
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Technical specification

• depending on the type of coffee machine, the technical parameters differ
• details on individual vending machines can be found at www.lavazzafirma.cz, or contact us

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