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Snack vending machines Snakky offer you various kind of most favourite vend snacks and cold drinks. Enjoying break with delicious cup of coffee and a small, fast snack will re-start you for rest of the day. All-in-one on a single square meter.

  • designed for refreshment in small sized locations
  • offer up to 30 products
  • glazed fronty side
  • white LED lights and interior lighting improved product and save energy
  • possibility of installing cashless payment system
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  • chocolate bars
  • wafers
  • biscuits
  • salted crackers
  • cereal bars
  • chips
  • water
  • flavored water
  • soft drinks
  • energy drinks

Technical specification

Heigh1830 mm
Width735 mm
Depth853 mm
Weight225 kg
Power suply230 V/ 50 Hz/ 16 A
Max. input620 W
Max. number of products30

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